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Where We Fund / What We Fund

The S.H. Cowell Foundation has five Program Areas:

The Foundation's primary grantmaking is rooted in a strategy that is both complementary and place-based. The program areas are designed to complement one another within each community they serve, providing support on a number of levels for low-income children and families.

Cowell's approach in complementary. Within each community, the Foundation seeks to make clusters of grants to support family resource centers, schools, youth development organizations, affordable housing and other critical community needs. We strive to fund projects, programs and initiatives that touch the lives of children and their family members at home, school, work and play in order to increase the likelihood of lasting, positive community change.

In place-based grantmaking, Cowell seeks out low-income communities across Northern and Central California where there is a readiness and commitment to improve conditions and opportunities for children. Some communities are neighborhoods; some are towns and others are regions. Both individuals and institutions within a community must possess a clear desire to make a lasting difference for children and families where they live, learn, work and play. We believe that long term success is most likely in communities where residents, service providers, educators and civic leaders work together to improve the quality of life for children and families living in poverty.

Cowell targets its place-based grants at strengthening individual, organizational and community capabilities. To this end, the Foundation makes grants to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations and school districts to:

  • Enhance the delivery of essential social and educational services
  • Increase civic participation and collaboration
  • Strengthen organizations and leaders
  • Develop local leadership
  • Build affordable homes, facilities, and other physical spaces that enhance the community

The Foundation also funds technical assistance and training focused on helping local organizations achieve these goals.

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